How To Play


  • Piece together each pole by sliding the two pole sections together
  • Drive ends of poles into the ground across from one another
    • Beginner: 20 feet apart
    • Intermediate: 25 feet apart
    • Competetive/Tournament: 30 feet apart
  • Place cup upside down on the ring on top of each pole
  • Place bottle on top of upside down cup

Game Play

  • This games consists of two teams of two
  • Each team stands together at a pole with their opponents at the opposite pole
  • Each teammate is only allowed to use one hand during the entire game
  • Using the Frisbee, the goal for each team is to knock the bottle off of the Cup and pole stand
  • Teams alternate throwing the Frisbee back and forth, and each teammate alternates throwing
  • The Frisbee must be catchable, the object is not to throw the Frisbee so it cannot be caught, but to hit the pole, bottle, or cup
  • The goal of the non-Frisbee throwing team is to catch the Frisbee as well as the bottle if it is knocked off the stand
  • Players receiving the Frisbee cannot touch it in front of the pole. If this occurs a re-throw is awarded


  • 1 Point - Frisbee is catchable, but is dropped to the ground
  • 2 Points - Bottle hits the ground

Game Over

  • Bottle dropps into container, team throwing the Frisbee wins
  • Otherwise play to 21, win by two