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Refillables Frequently Asked Questions

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BottleDrop Refillable bottles are special glass bottles that can be washed and refilled up to 25 times, making them the most sustainable beverage container you can buy. BottleDrop has partnered with craft beverage makers to bring this sustainable package back to the market. The bottles are specially marked with BottleDrop Refillable on them. BottleDrop Refillables have the same deposit and refund value as other beverage containers. However, instead of being crushed and recycled, Refillable Bottles are washed, inspected, and redistributed, reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%. Learn more about our Refillables program.

More craft beverage makers are using BottleDrop Refillables all the time. Look for products from Ancestry Brewing, Buoy Beer Co., Captured by Porches Brewing, Cooper Mountain Ale Works, Coopers Hall Winery, Double Mountain Brewery, Gigantic Brewing, Pagan Brews, Pierce Wines, Röder Apfelwein, and Walkabout Brewing at your local grocery store or bottle shop. More products will be available in BottleDrop Refillables soon! See our full list of Refillables partners.

BottleDrop Refillable Bottles carry a $0.10 deposit and are returnable like other bottles or cans with an Oregon refund value. You can redeem them at any BottleDrop Redemption Center, put them in your Green Bag for drop-off, or take them directly to customer service at just about any grocery store or convenience store where they will hand count your Refillable bottles. If you really love our Refillables, get a BottleBox and a 20% bonus when you return your BottleDrop Refillable bottles. Learn more about the BottleBox.

Note: Some large grocery stores do not accept any bottle and can returns because they are close to a BottleDrop Redemption Center. These stores may not accept BottleDrop Refillables for a refund.

Yes, Refillable bottles are the most environmentally sustainable beverage package. Refillable bottles have a carbon- and energy-life cycle impact that is 90% less than single-use glass bottles and aluminum cans.

After washing and inspecting, the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative distributes reused Refillable bottles to participating beverage makers, just like new bottles.

No. The BottleDrop Refillable bottle is not intended to be used like a growler. Brewers, pubs, and taprooms will not refill this bottle from the tap.

Currently, you can find a variety of craft beer, cider and even wine in Refillable bottles. Refer to the BottleDrop Refillable list of partners for a list for all brands in Refillable bottles.

Yes. Refillable bottles are as clean and safe as new bottles. Bottles are washed in a modern bottle washer and examined using state-of-the-art imaging technology to ensure bottles are clean and free of defects.

The bottles are union made at an O-I (Owens-Illinois) plant in Portland, Oregon. They are made with approximately 70% recycled glass collected from Oregon’s bottle deposit and return program. This is one of the highest recycled content rates in the United States.

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