The following Redemption Center will have modified hours and be open 7am to 1pm on the days noted below due to the heat.

Ontario—Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 12, 13 & 14

Small Deposit, Big Return

A massive thanks to all Hidden Bottle Hunt participants—you make the magic happen & the Hunt possible!

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More Than Bottle & Can Redemption

In Oregon, we help keep public spaces litter free by providing the $0.10 refund value for qualifying beverage containers. We make it easy to return containers and receive the refund value by providing convenient return options.

Through BottleDrop, you can immediately redeem your containers through self-serve machines and hand counts at any of our 27 full-service Redemption Centers. You can also let us do the work for you. With the ease and convenience of the Green Bag Program, you can drop full bags of containers for redemption at a Redemption Center or participating retailer with a bag drop door. We also work with Oregon nonprofits who can engage their supporters and supercharge their fundraising through our Blue Bag program.

Once you’ve returned your containers, you can get the refund value as cash or store credit at participating retailers through BottleDrop Plus, which offers 20% more refund value. Additionally, you can save for education by linking your BottleDrop account to an Oregon College Savings Plan account. We make it easy for you to help keep Oregon beautiful, give new life to your redeemable beverage containers, and put your redemption funds to work! Our system remains one of the most effective in the nation, helping redeem and recycle over two billion containers each year.

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Three Ways to Return Your Containers

We offer three easy ways to return redeemable bottles and cans.

  • Self-Serve Returns Kiosks

    Self-Serve Returns

    Return up to 350 empty containers per person per day in a clean, friendly, and staffed Redemption Centers using our self-serve bottle and can return machines. Receive your cash refund using our onsite Pay Station or put the refund in your BottleDrop account.

    Find BottleDrop self-serve return machines.

  • Green Bag Program

    Use our Green Bags to gather your empty deposit containers. Once you’ve filled a bag, two, or ten, use the drop door at a Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer. Each bag is credited to your account within 7 days. Then, when you’re ready, get cash or use BottleDrop Plus to get 20% more refund value as store credit at participating retailers.

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  • A BottleDrop staff person hand counting container returns.

    Hand-Counted Returns

    BottleDrop offers 27 locations with Customer Service desks and Hand Count services. Visit one of these locations, or many other stores around Oregon, to have up to 50 containers hand-counted per day. Then you can be on your way with your cash refund.

    Find a location to get a hand count.

I visited the new BottleDrop, and it was an excellent experience! Trying to take cans and bottles back before was a pain. I was amazed at how quick and quiet the process was at BottleDrop…and easy! I’ve told all my neighbors and friends about it.

— Lynn Wright, Newport, Oregon
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