Holiday Give

Register by November 14!

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This holiday season, BottleDrop Give is contributing up to $70,000 to our Blue Bag Fundraisers through our 6th Annual Holiday Give, a combination of matching funds raised and social media prizes. Read below for full details.

How to Participate

  1. Register your nonprofit to participate in Holiday Give.
  2. Raise funds for your BottleDrop Give account by dropping your Blue Bags at any bag drop location and encouraging online donations from BottleDrop Green Bag accounts to receive a 20% match from BottleDrop Give on funds raised from November 15 – December 1. We’ll be distributing up to $65,000 in matching funds!
  3. Post great social media content for a chance to win a prize in our social media contest. On weekdays during the matching period, except for Thanksgiving Day, we’ll be giving away $5,000 in prizes to 50 lucky nonprofits!

Photo from Trillium Family Services


  • October 14 – November 14: Register your nonprofit for Holiday Give
  • November 15 – December 1: Raise funds for your nonprofit to be eligible for 20% match
  • November 15 – December 1: Post on social media for a chance to win a prize; winners will be notified on their posts
  • By December 30: Receive 20% match deposited directly to your BottleDrop Give account

Details on the 20% Match

  • Only currently active BottleDrop Give Blue Bag Fundraisers are eligible to participate.
  • To participate, Fundraisers must register by November 14, 2022. No exceptions will be made.
  • Only funds raised November 15 – December 1 are eligible for matching, not funds previously raised and held in BottleDrop Give accounts prior to November 15, 2022.
  • Fundraisers must adhere to all Give Terms & Conditions or matching for that Fundraiser will be void. Please be sure to familiarize yourself and your supporters with these.
  • BottleDrop will contribute up to $65,000 in matching funds during the matching period. Bags and donations will be matched on a first-come, first-served basis until December 1 or when overall cap is met, whichever occurs first.
  • Fundraisers must follow daily bag limits. If daily bag limits are not followed, all matching for that Fundraiser will be void. As a reminder, daily bags limits are as follows:
    • Fundraisers may drop up to 15 Blue Bags total per day without an appointment.
    • Fundraisers may drop up to 50 Blue Bags total per day with an appointment.
    • If you distribute bags to supporters for them to return, please coordinate with them to make sure you don’t exceed the total daily limit for your nonprofit.
  • Fundraisers may schedule up to 3 appointments (1 per week) during the match period. Appointments are limited and will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments must be scheduled at least 1 week prior to the appointment. Appointments go quickly, so if you need an appointment, be sure to book it ASAP to secure your spot.
  • Funds raised during match period, up to an individual cap of $3,000 per Fundraiser, will receive a 20% match, for a maximum of $600 in matching funds from BottleDrop per Fundraiser.

How did we come up with the match cap?

We calculated how many bags could be dropped during the 17-day match period and then compared it the value of an average Blue Bag. Our reasoning is listed below:

  • Estimated Amount Raised from Blue Bags:
    • The maximum number of bags allowed to be dropped during the match period is 360 bags with 3 pre-scheduled appointments.
      • 15 bags allowed per day x 14 days = 210 bags
      • 50 bags allowed per appointment day x 3 days = 150 bags
        • 210 bags + 150 bags = 360 total bags
    • The average value of a Blue Bag is $6.70.
      • 360 Blue Bags x $6.70 = $2,412.00
    • Estimated Amount Raised from Online Donations:
      • The average online donation made during Holiday Give 2021 was $60.75.
      • Fundraisers are not limited to the number of online donations they may receive from Green Bag accounts during the match period, but they are included in the individual Fundraiser cap.
    • Formula Totals:
      • $2,412.00 in Blue Bags + $60.75 in online donations = $2,472.75 total raised
      • We rounded this up to a $3,000 cap per Fundraiser, in case your bag values and online donations are above average.
      • $3,000 raised x 20% = potential $600 in matching funds from BottleDrop Give

Social Media Contest Details

We’ll be giving away 50 prizes of $100 each on weekdays during the match period, except for on Thanksgiving Day. To participate in our social media contest, Fundraisers must register for Holiday Give, publicly post content on social media, and post(s) must clearly identify the nonprofit organization.

Content must be posted between November 15 – December 1 and the post should include the following:

  • Photo/video of your nonprofit (staff, volunteer, beneficiary, etc.) with at least one Blue Bag or a box of Blue Bags
  • Information on how people can help support your nonprofit with Oregon beverage containers (ex: how to get Blue Bags from you or donate containers to you)
  • A description of how you have used or plan to use funds generated from recycling with BottleDrop (ex: supporting a project, program, etc.)

Content must be posted with the hashtags #HolidayGive2022 and #BottleDropGive and tag @oregonbottledrop (Instagram & Facebook) or @ORBottleDrop (Twitter). Posts can be made by the nonprofit page or by individual supporters as long as it follows all the requirements above.

From November 15 – December 1, we’ll select 50 lucky winners each week day, except for Thanksgiving Day, to receive a $100 prize each.

Winners will be notified on their posts and prize funds will be distributed to the nonprofit’s BottleDrop Give account the same day. Participants agree to allow their content, such as photos, videos, or text, to be used and shared by BottleDrop for promotional purposes.

2022 Holiday Give Registration

Registration for our 2022 Holiday Give ended on November 14.

Thank You

Thank you for participating in the BottleDrop Give Blue Bag program. We appreciate the thousands of Oregon nonprofits who partner with us for fundraising. We are proud to support the incredible work you do across our beautiful state.

Please be considerate of our staff and mindful of other nonprofits while participating in this campaign – we’re all in this together! Remember to register by November 14 and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to making this our biggest and best Holiday Give ever!