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Containers for Change

Making it easy to give back to the community.

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Having a Community Impact

Customers who wish to participate in OBRC’s Containers for Change Program may simply leave their bag tag sticker off their Green Bag. OBRC uses 100% of the funds from containers in those bags to support nonprofits and advocacy organizations, as well as foundations, through the Containers for Change program. A portion of these funds go to support the Oregon Community Foundation’s BottleDrop Fund, a portion of the funds are used to support one or multiple featured nonprofit(s) and/or foundation(s) through a revolving fundraiser-of-the-month partnership, and a portion of the funds may be used by OBRC for things like matching BottleDrop Give contributions to nonprofits, supporting nonprofit and advocacy organizations working in the spirit of the Bottle Bill through things like grants and sponsorships, and supporting resilient communities through the OBRC Emergency Fund. In 2020, the OBRC Emergency Fund helped support the Oregon Food Bank during the COVID-19 pandemic and assisted communities and local fire departments heavily impacted by devastating forest fires. Updates about these partnerships will be included in BottleDrop’s monthly email newsletter.

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Bag Tags

OBRC and BottleDrop created the Containers for Change program to make it easy to give back to the community by simply leaving off your bag tag. Want credit for your bag? Make sure you place a bag tag on it. BottleDrop relies on bag tag stickers that are uniquely associated with customer accounts to properly credit Green Bags. Customers who inadvertently drop a bag without a sticker and do not wish for the funds from their containers to be directed to the Containers for Change program can contact customer service at 503-542-5252 to inquire about credit for their bag.

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Featured Partners

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Consideration to be Featured

We love supporting nonprofits working in the spirit of Oregon’s Bottle Bill through environmental impact, litter remediation, helping unhoused and/or vulnerable Oregonians, protecting Oregon’s special places, and building community.

Interested in having your nonprofit considered for a monthly Containers for Change feature? Complete our nomination form!