Green Bag Tips

Make recycling with Green Bags as “green” as possible! ♻️

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Only include OR-10 Bottles & Cans in your Green Bags.

Do not include beverage containers not included in Oregon’s Bottle Bill or other waste – including trash and biohazards.

Make sure containers are completely empty before putting them in your Green Bag.

Liquids inside containers weigh down bags and can create a sticky, smelly mess. They can also hinder the sorting process – ultimately jeopardizing your recyclables.

Do not put crushed, broken, or flattened containers in your Green Bag.

These containers are more difficult to sort and process. Instead, return them for a hand-count at a full-service BottleDrop Redemption Center.

Tie your bag tight to help keep your containers (and refund value!) inside your Green Bag.

After you drop your bag, it is stacked, loaded, and transported, which means it moves around quite a bit before being opened for processing. Tie your bag tight to ensure nothing falls out before hitting your account.

Replenish Green Bags and bag tag stickers when you make a drop. This can be done anywhere you can drop a Green Bag.

Save yourself a future trip and re-stock supplies as needed in the same trip! You can also check your balance and withdraw funds from your account at the kiosk on-site.

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