The Redmond Redemption Center and its external drop door will be closed Monday, June 24. Hand count and bag drop services will be available inside the center Tuesday, June 25 – Friday, June 28.

Please note, the self-serve machines will not be in operation and wait times may be longer than normal.

Earth Week Give 2023

Redemption Stories

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Albany Gleaners

We rely on the opportunity of the BottleDrop fundraiser and other grants for the much-needed cash to buy essential items that we do not have or cannot afford. We are doing our part to not only keep bottles and cans from the landfills, parks and beautiful rivers and lakes we have here in Oregon, but also to raise money for our nonprofit.

At its core, Oregon’s Bottle Bill is all about ensuring no resource is wasted, which is exactly what the Albany Gleaners are doing to support their community. Last week was “Food Waste Prevention Week,” so you may have heard some staggering statistics:

  • Approximately 40% of all food grown and produced in the United States is never eaten.
  • 1 in 5 people lack consistent access to nutritious food.
  • Reducing food waste also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which are damaging to the environment.

Embedded in that data is a redemption story waiting to happen for the Albany Gleaners, who assembled an all-volunteer crew that pours over blueberry fields, strawberry patches, apple orchards, and fields of peppers, corn, and any other produce they can get their hands on to support their 219 members. They help people at every station of life, who share a common need to access food security and nutrition. They even collect unused firewood to help their members keep their homes warm during cold winter nights.

Redeeming containers with BottleDrop Give’s Blue Bag program to support their mission was a no-brainer for a group whose work is so closely connected to the environment. What will they do with the funds? Insulate and expand the garage area at their operation to better support their twice-weekly food distribution efforts. Previously, the group has used funds raised through BottleDrop to purchase a refrigerator/freezer, helping them store fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables. More people served with nutritious food, less waste, a positive carbon impact, and a connected community that watches out for each other.

Do you want to help? You can donate funds from your Green Bag account to help support their efforts.