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Redemption Stories

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Pacific Pug Rescue

“It may not seem like much to donate one bag a month, but with so many people doing it, the funds add up quickly! Just like Oregon’s BottleDrop gives new life to bottles and cans, we feel like we also ‘recycle’ pugs, giving discarded and unwanted pugs a chance at a new life all with the help from BottleDrop!”

Let’s face it, Oregonians love their pets. That’s why there are over 200 Blue Bag fundraisers across the state that raise funds through cans and bottles to support their furry friends. But when Pacific Pug Rescue shared their redemption story, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Providing basic care for pugs surrendered to their rescue takes all they’ve got. Be it vaccines, spay/neuter, or dental work, helping abandoned dogs get back in shape is tireless, expensive work. But sometimes, the pugs surrendered to their care need even more. That’s where funds raised through BottleDrop Give help make the difference.

Take Precious, for example. She was surrendered to Pacific Pug Rescue when her owner could no longer provide care. She was eight years old and full of spirit, but with a painful condition called “luxating patella” occurring in both knees, she couldn’t keep her kneecaps in place while she walked, which required surgery to restore a normal life. Surgery for that condition runs up to $5,000, which is an awful lot of money for a small rescue. Pacific Pug Rescue reached into their BottleDrop redemption funds and used those to redeem Precious’ health and quality of life. She went from being nearly immobile and full of pain to a healthy, happy, pup again, well on the mend, and with a lot of life in front of her.

Pacific Pug Rescue has used BottleDrop funds to provide the same surgery for several dogs in the past year, all of whom now have wonderful new homes and are living their best lives. They expect that Precious will be ready for adoption within the next month. Containers recycled to the highest and best outcomes right here in the United States, refunds donated to a worth cause, sweet little pugs getting a new lease on life, and happy families welcoming new furry friends, redeemed by the good folks at Pacific Pug Rescue. When we talk about “circularity” in recycling outcomes, we’re talking about more than just beverage containers. We’re talking about an entire ecosystem fueled by love, generosity, care, environmental action, and sweet puppy dogs making everything better.

Do you want to be part of Pacific Pug Rescue’s redemption story? You can donate funds from your Green Bag account to help support their efforts.