The Redmond Redemption Center and its external drop door will be closed Monday, June 24. Hand count and bag drop services will be available inside the center Tuesday, June 25 – Friday, June 28.

Please note, the self-serve machines will not be in operation and wait times may be longer than normal.

Dana Thompson Memorial Fund of Awesome

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In loving memory of Dana L. Thompson, December 31, 1977 - July 18, 2019. Dana Thompson was a Black woman who sang in a punk band and was known for her role as Lt. Uhura in Trek in the Park. /// Mission Statement: Our mission is to equip Black youth to experiment and develop their artistic confidence. /// Our Vision & Inspiration: Keeping Dana Thompson’s young, vibrant warrior spirit alive by engaging with the next generation to diversify the local arts scene. /// Our Goals & Objectives: We are raising money so youth of color can learn about the arts - music, playing instruments, and behind the scenes technical and business aspects of music creation and distribution. We are creating a robust, safe, sustainable organization that centers Black families and offers programs, workshops, events and spaces where youth can explore the arts, develop creative skills, and rock out. We provide direct support including micro grants, musical instruments, and tuition assistance for Black youth to complete arts-related camps and activities. We increase access to the arts by connecting Black youth to workshops, lessons, after-school programs, jam sessions, rock band formation, rehearsal spaces, mentoring, performance opportunities and more.