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At Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center, we believe that horses are uniquely powerful and that the skills and relationships we build with them are life changing. Horses offer honest and immediate feedback to the world around them and do so in a way that is without judgement or resentment. The need for our services and the community’s need for that powerful relationship with an equine has grown exponentially. The need for outdoor therapeutic services is growing quickly. Healing Reins is enthusiastically accepting the challenge of meeting those needs. We are proud to offer adapted horsemanship, recreational horsemanship, equine assisted mental health and learning, veterans and first responders services, and physical and occupational therapies utilizing the movement of the horse as a treatment tool, also known as hippotherapy. We strive to be the standard of excellence in our industry by providing the highest quality experiences to every single person who walks through our doors and will continue to do so for as long as there is a need in Central Oregon. Thank you for supporting Healing Reins and helping us To Heal With Horses.