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Oregon Food Bank is a one of a kind food banking system where we believe that hunger starves the human spirit and communities thrive with fresh, healthy, food. Oregon Food Bank operates what was the first but now is one of the countries only statewide food banking networks, 20 regional food banks distribute food to about 975 partner agencies who distribute the food to our communities. Currently we are feeding 272,000 people every month, 92,000 of them children...again that is each month. We are 97% privately funded and 94% of every dollar that the Oregon Food Bank touches goes directly to fighting hunger. We have countless ways of being involved, from cooking classes (all taught by volunteers); gardening classes (no age restrictions to volunteer in garden); to sustainable living classes in which people are taught how to grow a portion of their own diet; in house volunteering in which we repacked over 17.8 million pounds of food before it could be distributed last year; event volunteering like at the Waterfront Blues Festival each year; advocating food issues in social media/political arenas; all the way to donating funds or product. There are so many levels to being involved and we would love for you to participate on whatever level is right for you!