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Wind & Oar Boat School engages young people and inspires learning through the art, science, and craft of building wooden boats. Partnering with public schools and youth serving organizations, we deliver experiential project based learning to youth across the Portland Metro region. Our program primarily engages 5th-12th grade students. These are students who attend under-resourced schools and/or are from communities striving to overcome inequitable systems and institutions. Building wooden boats is an innovative and unique platform for developing an array of academic, practical, and social skills. "It's bigger than the boat!" Our hands-on, minds-on, project based programs offer an integrated curriculum linking math, science, and art and design. Students develop critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Our project-based curriculum enriches learning in 5–12th grade classrooms and embraces a student-centered approach. We believe that learning from process and experience is the best way to prepare students for the challenges they will face in our increasingly complex, global society. The craft of wooden boat building incorporates the “4 C’s” of 21st century skills—collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity—which are vital to lifelong success. Every partnership is tailored to align with the experience and perspective of the teachers and classroom culture.