Six green BottleDrop Refillable bottle sitting in a natural setting of brown ground cover and ivy.

Hidden Bottle Hunt

July 6-10

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What is the Hidden Bottle Hunt?

In 2021, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Oregon’s iconic Bottle Bill by hiding six commemorative bottles across the state, all in the special places the Bottle Bill helps keep litter free. Thousands of Oregonians joined in the hunt, went outside, and followed the daily clues to search for the hidden bottles. The lucky “finders” got to keep the commemorative bottle (they’re like a trophy!), and were also able to direct a $500 donation to the BottleDrop Give nonprofit of their choice.

The Bottle Hunt was so much fun last year that we decided to do it again in 2022! This year’s hidden bottles have a whole new look, and we’re doubling the prize for each chosen nonprofit to $1,000!

Just like last year, each bottle will be hidden in a different geographic zone of Oregon (map below), and we’ll release separate clues for each bottle at 10:00 am, every day of the hunt. Sign up to receive the daily clues.

When is the Hidden Bottle Hunt?

The Hidden Bottle Hunt begins with the announcement of the first clue at 10:00 am on Wednesday, July 6. The final clue will be issued at 10:00 am on Sunday, July 10 (or until each bottle is found, whichever occurs first).

Where are the bottles hidden?

OBRC and the BottleDrop network conduct statewide container redemption operations through a series of five operational “zones,” which we’ve used to break up the state geographically, and we’re hiding one bottle in each zone. Due to the population of Zone 1, we’ve further divided it into Zone 1 East and Zone 1 West, and we have hidden a bottle in each for a total of 6 hidden bottles across the state.

Zone 1E Clues Zone 1W Clues Zone 2 Clues Zone 3 Clues Zone 4 Clues Zone 5 Clues
Green painted BottleDrop Refillable bottle standing next to a burlap bag with a green background. This one of the six bottles that will be hidden for our celebratory hidden bottle hunt to celebrate how Oregon's bottle bill has promoted recycling since 1971.

What do the bottles look like?

We have taken six of our unique BottleDrop Refillable bottles – used for our Refillable beverage program – and had them specially painted by an Oregon professional. The bottles include a unique label and a metal emblem honoring Oregon’s Bottle Bill, which has produced outstanding recycling and litter-remediation outcomes for the past 51 years!

The bottles will be wrapped to prevent breakage and covered in a burlap sack to protect them from the elements while they wait for you to find them.

How do I participate?

Participation is simple! Just follow the clues and hunt for the bottles. It’s even more fun to team up and hunt with your friends and family. If you’d like to receive the clues by email each day, just sign up here.

What do I get if I find a hidden bottle?

For one, you get all the esteem and bragging rights that come with cracking the clues and being first to the bottle. Congratulations! Second, you get to keep the bottles, and they are super cool! Finally, best of all, you get to direct a $1,000 donation to a nonprofit of your choice from our list of nearly 5,000 participating BottleDrop Give nonprofits across Oregon. Each hidden bottle includes instructions for how to contact us when you find it. Just follow those directions as soon as you find the bottle!

What are the rules for the Hidden Bottle Hunt?

Here are some of the rules related to the Hidden Bottle Hunt.

  • Do not trespass on private property. All bottles are hidden in parks or trails open to the public.
  • Do not go inside any buildings to look for bottles. All bottles are hidden outside.
  • Do not dig for the bottles or otherwise damage/destroy any plants or structures at the park/trail, and bottles will not be hidden in any community garden spaces. The bottles may be concealed but will not be hidden in places that require damaging property in any way. You do not need to dig underground or destroy anything to access the bottles, and doing so is prohibited.
  • Abide by any park/trail hours while you are hunting.

But there is, of course, some legal language as well. Here are the 2022 Hidden Bottle Hunt Official Rules & Regulations, in full.

Happy hunting!

Photo of four adults and 2 kids who found the shiny green commemorative bottle.

Zone 1E Clues

View Zone 1E Clue Explanations


Welcome to the treasure hunt’s second year!
A quest for hidden bottles on the Oregon frontier.
This scenic path divides region 1E in two,
Its mother was kindred spirit to Maud,
and Clarke’s predecessor, too.
To find the treasure from this skyline track,
Be a dear, sugar –
Keep this wild, wild country to your back.


These acclaimed few call this institute alma mater –
A tech inventor who was a bottle bill early adopter,
Quirky Barry, who was later a doctor,
A gourmand and prolific cookbook author.
Make a line east and west from this reactionary place
And stay south to win the hidden bottle race.


On fur trade wealth they had a tight grip,
But they had bad luck with sinking ships.
The first was scuttled, an explosive scene,
The second encountered the pleistocene.
Now name a metro trail that is 5 of 22 miles complete,
And these three places remain to compete.


We don’t talk about Bruno (no, no, no!)
But he was the star of Walt’s Hollywood show.
Head to this smart town, former site of Tektronix,
Where you can find your redemption at # 5-1-6.

Once interned at Topaz,
Robert’s canvas was water and stone.
Three works are in this town,
But one must be left alone.


Gus’s nut grove is now a park,
Where kids can play and canines bark.
Sluggers have five spaces to bat,
But cable trees are where it’s at.
Steer your raft clear of Oregon’s state tree
A search near the populus trichocarpa is key!


Photo of three adults who found the shiny green commemorative bottle.

Zone 1W Clues

View Zone 1W Clue Explanations


Welcome to the new age
Oregon’s organic stage
Iowa was the inspiration
But don’t chase a ghost
The place that was the host
Is far from your destination.


Eighty started underneath a frigid goose
They ended near a feature of a duck
Trace Robert’s iconic original trek
And look to the right for luck.


Sharlie and Tizheruk are not protected
But Chessie is in the zone
Is Claude in ours?
Nobody knows for sure
But if you are, you’ll surely groan.


If there was a bottle bill in the state of inspiration
It would make the mountain smile, if you personify
You can get redemption in the Oregon namesake
Then you can get recreation and reflection nearby.


Do you feel it in your bones – that it’s near?
Powder, then power, once created here
Find the target farthest from the implosion
Near it there’ll be a decawatt explosion
Of excitement when the bottle appears.


Photo of one adult who found the shiny green commemorative bottle.

Zone 2 Clues

View Zone 2 Clue Explanations


Betty, Tom and Paul were able to get it approved
But where did a quarter of the coin come from?
If you solve this brain twister, good for you
North of that spot lies a good outcome.


For twenty days a behemoth
Stretching from Wonderland to the shore
Now it’s just well above average
Upon these grounds someone will score.


Gabby and Abby should be there
Seb will be there for sure
He’ll send people to the waterfall
But only those who truly endure.


The bottle’s hidden in a prime location
To reward your dedication
If you want this hunt to deliver
Go to this park with a creek, not a river


This fella didn’t go extinct
When all around him went away
Keep a safe following distance
It’s the line of least resistance
Take a seat and call it a day.


Look east of the creek
In the home of warrior Greeks
Just on the other side of Ma-Lik.
A bench, it’s not so chic
But near a bush you should seek
This should your interest pique.


Photo of two adults who found the shiny green commemorative bottle.

Zone 3 Clues

View Zone 3 Clue Explanations


The day is here, the time has come
Crack the clues, and you’ll have won
I’ll tell you now the bottle’s not on the playa
It’s hidden in a county named after aging carya


The county is vast so let’s narrow in
It’s tempting to say Gold Hill is where to begin
But for this hunt you should search somewhere south of center
This place wouldn’t exist without the help of a mentor


Does the hunt have you watching Caliban and Desdemona?
You might try looking closer to where Oregon hits California
Nobody said it would be easy to find the bottle
But you sure aren’t going to get any help from Othello

“Klaatu barada nikto” might ease your labor
But the words would surely get jumbled by a friendly neighbor


It’s true that Medford stole this city’s seat
But later they struck a deal that was pretty sweet

Scenic woodlands surround –
But the treasure’s on the least “appreciated” property around
Don’t surmise that’s because it’s got a vice
It was sold by a guy so nice they named him twice

Find the story about a young kid’s gall
Leading to a trail that reminds us of John Paul

So step, stride, stroll your way
Trek, trudge, traipse all day
Just when you think you’re too tired to continue the quest
Your search will put you on a loop, near a peaceful place to rest


Photo of one adult who found the shiny green commemorative bottle.

Zone 4 Clues

View Zone 4 Clue Explanations


Reduce the field down to two
To find Zone 4’s hidden bounty

Seek Seek Qua-t you want to,
But not in this namesake county

Don’t get stuck in a porcine battle
Cut Mad Bear’s county that’s replete with cattle


You’re one step closer to mining the gold
This county’s Aunt took them in from the cold
She charmed Sourdough with stylish flair
Last wishes fulfilled by Abigail’s heir
This hunt impels you to use your wit –
Come on now, Yukon do it!


The Depression hit, and finances dried up
This town looked for a way to keep its chin up.
Dutch floated a grand plan to bring in the masses
An event that hailed the town’s finest lasses.
Queen reigned supreme, court on cygnet dreams,
Designs and arches each year surpasses.


Moira’s Johnny is no appleseed
Butlers and pilots for every need
Apples don’t grow in this district anymore
But Johnny would be at home in this store
The very last one on earth of its kind –
A place where time and technology can rewind!


Travel the lane to a former timber ranch homestead,
Where crops were shared and dairy cows bred.

A life began in an atomic blast
Peaceful cultivation will help it last.

Your spirits won’t be dragging –
Lily’s shed helps with the conceal

Keep those tongues from wagon –
This treasure is for wheel!


Photo of mom and child who found the shiny green commemorative bottle.

Zone 5 Clues

View Zone 5 Clue Explanations


If numbers aren’t you’re thing,
you may want to further consider 21’s meaning.
However, be sure to stay clear of a Victorian’s fling,
with an 18-years-old mayor leading.


Our treasure is sure to be highly sought after,
but if this game is to be your fun,
search between the state’s deadliest natural disaster,
and the ancient one.


“More Hints” and you may celebrate!
Archie’s story was left unfinished,
yet agriculture caused this place to inflate,
to become the largest and leave his legacy undiminished.


The treasure we’d have really liked to find is a hidden bottle!

— The Goonies (probably, if they knew about the Hunt)
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