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Felines First Rescue (FFR) is a no-kill 501(c)(3) registered non-profit consisting of a dedicated network of volunteers and foster homes who all strive to help and care for the abandoned, stray, helpless, and homeless felines in the Portland Metro area of Oregon. We extend our services to all over Oregon – and sometimes other West Coast states. Felines First was founded upon a passion to make a difference in as many feline lives as possible through foster care, adoption services, community education, and trap-neuter-return programs. We believe in assembling a team with an undying compassion for animals with a focus on collaborative work among team members and between local animal rescue organizations to maximize effectiveness for serving felines in our community. Felines First Rescue takes pride in being an unique animal rescue. We serve cats of all ages (kitten to senior), all breeds, all needs, and all situations (feral, stray, abandoned, domestic). Despite our small size, we are able to provide an extensive amount of veterinary medical for rescued felines, from simple routine care to extensive specialized treatment. Unlike other rescues, our Executive Director personally attends to each phone call, e-mail, and Facebook message the rescue receives in order to provide personalized service and to best meet the needs of all those who seek our help or services. FFR has a lifetime return policy because we believe in providing furever homes for all felines – and we realize life happens in unexpected ways. All felines are provided extensive veterinary services before leaving our care. Each kitten and cat are examined by a veterinarian, assessed for any special needs or other specialized medical care, vaccinated, tested, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. We believe in every adoption being PURRFECT and FUREVER; and are committed to providing post-adoption counseling and working as an expert resource for our community.