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Hygiene4All (H4A) is a pathbreaking approach to helping Portland’s unsheltered residents stay clean, healthy and safe while building community and engendering supportive interpersonal relationships. On Dec 15 of 2020 we opened our first outdoor site under the Morrison Bridge offering attendant-assisted toilets, showers, trash drop-off, a laundry exchange, and physical and mental health first aid !"#$%&"!' %($!"!' )&! *+",)-"! ./ )&! 0*, *(, ("2-","! 3*44(&$-/ 4"4.",#5 Our trained unsheltered attendants and housed volunteers offer trauma informed access to life-saving infrastructure 4 days a week from 3PM - 9PM. Through deep listening and collaboration, we knit together communities across the housing divide. In particular, we have painstakingly developed practices for disrupting racist, anti-LGBTQ+, sexist, and ableist harm in and around the Hub that have so often plagued our BIPOC, Gay and Transgender staff and patrons. Much more than job or service providers, our Hub staff stewards the sense of sanctuary and community required for building leadership, advocacy, solidarity, and civic participation.