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India Partners

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India Partners: For more than 35 years, India Partners has worked alongside Indian NGO’s to help compassionate people like you care for people that are suffering from poverty and injustice. People’s lives are being changed through your action. This is accomplished by providing education, medical care, nutrition, child sponsorship, and vocational training to children and families suffering in extreme poverty. Right now, you can do great good for children and families in desperate need of clean water, education, job training, and freedom through Anti-Human Trafficking. You can give hope and meet the needs of people that are living in poverty and struggling to survive. When you meet the needs of the least of these you are making a life-saving difference – one child, one widow, one family at a time. IP empowers our Partners to achieve higher goals. Our model avoids cultural confusion and donor directed objectives. We bring together people qualified in their specific area to accomplish together what could not have been done separately. IP chooses partners based on their size (budgets under $1M), demonstrated success, servant style leadership, and heart for the suffering. Our partner organizations in India serve all regardless of caste, religion, gender, or creed. Projects include, among others, orphanages, schools, medical clinics, vocational training, clean water, disaster relief, literacy, economic development, agriculture, Women's empowerment and safe houses for children from the red-light districts. Our Vision: An India rich in hope, justice and the compassion of Christ.