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The North Clackamas Education Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1992 to provide educational opportunities to students in the North Clackamas School District. The Foundation grew out of the belief that equity and fairness have a great impact on the education of our students. The North Clackamas school district serves more than 17,000 students in its 31 schools, from a variety of economic and social backgrounds. As the population grows, the district faces increasing demands on resources. More than 34 percent of North Clackamas students qualify for free- or reduced price- lunch, a commonly used indicator of poverty. Students in North Clackamas come from diverse backgrounds, speaking more than 56 native languages. The North Clackamas Education Foundation strives to bring equitable educational offerings to the entire district. We do that through fundraising and working with concerned private and public community partners.