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Open Signal is a social equity-focused, nonprofit, community media studio, education center, and public access television broadcast station in Portland, OR. People of color, English language learners, individuals living on low incomes, and those with disabilities are often kept out of media institutions and workplaces by cultural friction and material roadblocks. To advance creative and economic opportunities for these communities, we provide free and low cost education and access to state-of-the-art production studios, equipment and technologies in a culturally-affirming, accessible, trauma-informed, and anti-racist environment. Our accessible community media programming helps participants improve their technical skills and media literacy, nurture their creative talents, and build community. This holistic programming includes: + Seasonal Production Cohorts bring media makers into a learning community where they receive mentorship & technical support to produce their projects. + Studio Production Certification includes entry-level training in studio production, and access to equipment for off-site projects, fostering professional development. + Train the Trainer provides instruction in trauma-informed, media production-specific education principles for mission-aligned nonprofits, creating iterative opportunities for communities to learn media skills. + Signal Share presentations and workshops led by experienced community members help participants build their skills and collaborate with other creators. + Community Appreciation events celebrate local artists, creatives, nonprofits and businesses that contribute to community media, cultural vitality, and civic engagement. + Partnered Media and Production Services leverage our mobile production units, studios, and community of producers and crew to produce video of government meetings, community events, and projects by local creators, artists, and organizations. Open Signal has transformed Portland's local media landscape by offering unparalleled access to advanced media production facilities and training to hundreds of community members each year. Our community of producers create and broadcast thousands of hours of original content in five languages to over 170,000 homes in Portland annually. We are the go-to resource for media training and technical assistance, supporting a wide range of mission-aligned arts, cultural, and educational institutions in the region with their exhibitions, film screenings, and other public events.