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Ontario—Tuesday, July 23

Sauvie Island Parent Teacher Club

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Sauvie Island School is passionate about integrating community connection with education. As a small K-8 charter school that receives only 80% of the normal dedicated federal funds, the Sauvie Island Parent Teacher Club (PTC) relies on fundraising to bridge the gap and provide support to retain part-time Art and Music teachers, expand on the place-based curriculum, and supplement classroom supplies. BottleDrop provides a reliable, sustainable source of funding that allows the students to increase their connection with the environment by recognizing the impact of recycling and how it directly ties into the school’s place-based education curriculum. Being located on a rural island located near the largest metro area in the state, the students at Sauvie Island School learn through the values of stewardship by using the community and natural surroundings as a learning environment, translating to a very close relationship with the land. BottleDrop allows students to participate in the feedback loop that supports their education while sustaining and respecting their environment. Please support Sauvie Island School by donating directly from your BottleDrop account or reaching out via email to request pre-labeled bags (