Shake & Fold

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Are you hoping to decrease your negative impact on the environment? One very easy thing to do is to use fewer paper towels to dry your hands. Just Shake & Fold! Here's how it works: After washing them, shake your hands to reduce the water. Then take one paper towel and fold it in half. That traps air between the layers which makes the paper towel stronger and more absorbent. Try it next time you happen to be in a public restroom that only offers paper towels. If you use only one instead of, say, two paper towels to dry your hands you've cut your waste in half! Then consider what reducing that waste means: fewer paper towels used means less demand for manufacturing more paper towels. Also consider that they are trucked to retail businesses were they are used only one time before being hauled to the landfill where they decompose and emit methane. That's a lot of impact from such a simple action: Shake & Fold.