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Willamette Family (WF) is a non profit organization providing behavioral health services that include a holistic approach to health, wellness and recovery. A primary focus is to serve the "underserved" in our community through trauma informed, integrated services. We provide this wrap around services to all who seek our services. WF has been serving the community for over 50 year with a strong commitment to being a resource to individuals and families with treatment, support and intensive services that address substance use disorders, mental health services, medical services as well as a wide variety of services designed to support the individuals and families with making these healthy lifestyle changes. Our strong focus on families allows us to provide services designed to prevent children from entering foster care as well as focus on reunited children who have been separated from their parent as soon is as safely possible. The children are provided intensive services to meet their needs as well, these services are carried out in our Licensed Child Development Center as well as our Mental Health Program and through intensive support from a skilled family services team. For more information please visit our website at https://www.wfts.org/

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